What this will be about....

Welcome to my journal I look forward to sharing my stories and passion for jewellery with you.

I want to start a conversation around the history and culture of Irish and international jewellery and design.  I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

While not strictly necessary, Jewellery fulfills us in so many ways- as fun,  as fashion, as a badge of identity, or as status with expensive materials and gemstones.

It also  touches us personally at various times in our lives, as a wedding ring, an amulet or good luck charm, regalia, and as a very precious Gift.

I will discuss many aspects of  personal ornament here.  This will  involve its place  in Irish cultural history,  from  the  elegant gold objects in the National Museum of Ireland, on to the present as jewellery continues to reflect our world and embody our values,

Today too it often encompasses  personal  expression or makes a commentary.  I will discuss examples and their makers .

Design is the thought process as  how ideas are brought on their journey to a material place in our world.  Therefore it is  how  the combination of  metal, gemstones, leather, textiles or plastics are brought together by  human intervention  to give  us  a piece of jewellery

Design primarily focuses on both the conscious and unconscious needs and desires of whomever a object is intended for.  This may be a simple functional item, or one imbued with the emotional value of a brand.  Well known jewellery brands include the long established Cartier and Tiffany.

My recent MA in Design History and Material Culture, completed in NCAD, has expanded my awareness of design- its power and its function in our environment.