My Design Journey


My jewellery is designed and made in the studio in the Design Tower.

Each new design begins with a thought, often based around themes such as aspects of culture, the urban landscape or nature.

I begin the design process by abstracting the essence of a theme through a series of drawings. This is now evolved by  further drawings to the required form of, for instance, a ring. This idea or concept, is often clarified by a 3D mock up in metal, wax or paper.  

This completes the  design journey for a range, or individual piece of jewellery.

When a piece of jewellery is to be reproduced for short batch production, a prototype of the design is made in metal and a rubber mould is taken from it.

Copies of this prototype are made by injection of wax into the mould.  These waxes are now cast in gold or silver, and once detailed hand work is undertaken the jewellery is complete.  



Gold Dance Collection

'Movement and dance through space expressed by gold waves on silver'

The contrast in texture and colour here creates an atmospheric movement. The theme moves through a full range of pendants, earrings a brooch and ring. 

Silver Lace Leaf

'The patterns of leaves on the ground simplified in silver'

Autumn is the time of patterns made by  falling leaves.   A memory, with the texture recalling a sense of urban pathways, is here expressed in a small collection of pendants, earstuds a brooch and ring. 



Solid Square Cufflinks

'Echoing stone walls and the urban landscape expressed in silver.'

The urban landscape is all around. It inspires with its energy and contrasting textures of glass and stone, path and water- seen in this selection of silver shapes with varied surface detail and texture. Some cufflinks have been oxidised to create the black effect.

THEME - Culture


'An ancient form of Celtic language - the Tree alphabet'

Urban stone and ancient script- a language carved in standing stones re-imagined. Carved Oak and Birch symbols offset by textured detail are depicted in the square, oblong and oval silver cufflinks. 


Oak: two strokes, symbol of wealth and the god Lugh.

Birch: one stroke- symbol of protection and the god Dadga.


Spiral Pebble

'Inspired by the sculptural form of the La Tene Period in Celtic Art'

These pieces recall the stone carving skills of our ancestors who worked during the La Tene period (400BC- 100AD).  The pebbles, tactile and soft to the skin, have raised polished detail on a textured ground, in a range of pendants, a brooch, earrings and a ring.    



Black and White Spiral

'Inspired by the universal Spiral motif expressed in silver.'

 This always popular classic style is now shown with a textured or (oxidised) black finish.   A universal symbol, the spiral is seen everywhere in art and nature. The soft texture or dark colour are evocative of stones in the landscape, here shown in a selection of pendants, earrings, a brooch a ring, and bracelet.


Folklife - Harvest Knot- Love Tokens

'Woven from rushes exchanged at Lunasa-Harvest Festival.'

Lunasa or Harvest Festival -1st August- is a special time.  It was a time too, when it was traditional in rural Ireland for boys and girls to exchange Harvest Knots woven from rushes. I designed and made my first Harvest Knot when a student.


Folklife - St Bridget’s Cross.

'Woven from rushes-for La Fheile Bhride- 1st February'

Bridgets Cross.JPG

These pendants are inspired by the original St Bridget’s Cross, woven from rushes on the eve of Lá Fhéile Bhríde— 1st February. The many styles they are made in are reflected in my designs. The traditional Bridget’s Cross is still a feature in many Irish homes, as they are believed to protect from fire and evil.    


Wedding Rings

'Inspired by the rich imagery and atmosphere of our culture.'

Frustrated by the choice available for wedding rings reflecting culture, I decided to create my own modern Spiral and Interlace designs. Currently there are four designs in the collection, three of which depict the spiral. These are: Carved Spiral, Spiral Sea flow and Spiral Fragments- evocative of different styles in culture. I looked at interlace too, loosening it, much like how it would have been drawn across the page. This is Interlace Flow.

Rings are available to order in any size or width.