I was drawn in by metals while exploring materials in college.  Its particular qualities of hardness, flexibility, malleability and liquidity when melted intrigued.   It was exciting to hold, use and learn to control hammers, saws and the flame, and to experience a sheet of metal transform into a useful or decorative objec

 The Jewellers & Metalworkers Guild (JMG) is now defunct and SSI is now Visual Artists Ireland (VAI)


1987/8 - BOOTY 1   and 2     --- Jewellers & Metalworkers Guild.

Venue: Crafts Council of Ireland Dublin gallery.     Modern jewellery exhibitions.         

1990/91 - VICE VERSA .

Touring - Ireland

Jewellery as Sculpture, Sculpture as Jewellery.

 This juried touring exhibition was a collaborative venture  by the  Jewellers & Metalworkers Guild  and  the Sculptors Society of Ireland.   The show, which had an educational remit toured Ireland over a period of two years.

Image:  Circle of Life

BVice Versa exhibition...jpg


1995   - BODY BAIT

Venue:  Dublin Castle.    Jewellers & Metalworkers Guild. 


Venues: The Design Tower- Dublin &  Birmingham UK   

Da Capo-The Design Tower

The piece “Embrace” was inspired by the play of light on the architecture outside my studio window.   This piece of jewellery is intended to be: playful, the negative spaces allows light to permeate the work, and the interior is overlaid with gold to intensify the outward reflected light. 

Image:  Embrace Ring

EMBRACE RING.    Silver ring with 18ct gold detail, textured and polished finish.      2.2 cm *1.9 cm * 4.9 cm (2007)

EMBRACE RING.   Silver ring with 18ct gold detail, textured and polished finish.   

 2.2 cm *1.9 cm * 4.9 cm (2007)



Waterways Centre, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.      Tower Design Network.

The exhibition was a series of contemporary artworks  inspired by the Albert Bender Collection of Asian Art in the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks.  

I responded to the story of Bender’s life, his limitations and generosity, his patronage of the arts, as well as his collecting of books and artifacts from the Far East a place he never visited.  My piece takes the form of two silver small works and a small accordion book in a presentation box, presented in the form of a gift.  It relates to how I see the character of Bender within the exhibition. The book relates to Bender’s interest and explains the sources of the objects.  The Box depicts enclosures with simplicity on the inside.  The fruit bowl refers to the lines in the  love poem   “The Song of Wandering Aengus “W B Yeats -

“The silver apples of the moon,

The golden apples of the sun. “   

The book depicts elements from the sources -  Thanka- Abheda and  print.     Paper, card, gold leaf, with watercolour 

                                                             Box and Dish- Sterling silver and 18ct Gold

                                                             Box and Dish- Sterling silver and 18ct Gold

2018  “ A Little Nonsense Jewellery ”   

Group exhibition of fifteen jewellers.

The Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin 2.


I love the waterside by my studio.   It is a scene of constant movement, patterns, light and dark, reflections, bridges, water and stories.   My work plays with these forms and textures and is inspired by the skills that brought them to us.

 Image:  Ring

                                                          CITY LANDSCAPE ..                                                         ..Materials: Silver with embellishments of gold and oxidisation.

                                                         CITY LANDSCAPE..

                                                       ..Materials: Silver with embellishments of gold and oxidisation.


Over many years I have also participated in  selling and themed shows:

1989 Kamuflage retail outlet– New jewellery –body ornament.-Dublin

1990  The Work in Hand  - Craftworks NI and CCOI    Dublin

1992 Contemporary Jewellery –  CCOI  -Dublin                 

1993 Corporate Gifts – CCOI   -Dublin               

1993 Christmas Jewellery Show –Avoca Hand weavers - JMG -Wicklow

1999/2000 The Art of Gold- Award – CCOI- International touring.                                

2000 Kilkenny Shop – Millennium Exhibition-Dublin

2001  Designyard -Dublin.

2001 RDS Craft  Exhibition  - Art of Gold  Pendant -Dublin

2008 RDS  Craft  Exhibition  – Embrace  Ring  DUBLIN

2011 Irish Art Fair-Dublin